Authentic Memorabilia Guaranteed

Game worn, rare and unique memorabilia
All of our contemporary memorabilia and collectables are sportsperson authorised. This means we only provide memorabilia and collectables from official sources approved by the sportsperson’s management or directly from the sports team or sportsperson themselves. Champions do not sell unauthorised signatures provided in good faith by athletes at training sessions. This strict policy provides a strong provenance which supports the sports memorabilia investment of every Champions customer.

Licensed and third party authenticated limited editions
Champions limited editions are low-run, hand signed and genuine. Our gallery stocks Licensed Limited Editions, which means that the item is genuine and has been authorised by the sportsperson and the Code or Authority which governs that particular sporting code i.e. NRL, AFL, ARU, ACB etc. All Limited Editions generally have Third Party Authentication, meaning that an independent body or organisation has been present during the signing session to verify that all signatures are genuine, e.g. Pricewaterhouse, Atag and Upper Deck Authenticated.

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