1. Rugby League (62)
  2. Motor Sport (32)
  3. Cricket (9)
  4. Rugby Union (7)
  5. Football / Soccer (5)
  6. AFL (29)
  7. Horse Racing (15)
  8. Other (20)
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If you’re searching for high-quality sports memorabilia in Brisbane, look no further than Champions. Experts in sports memorabilia and framing, and with 20 years experience, we know exactly what kinds of sports memorabilia fans like to treasure. We offer items that will get your pulse raising, and evoke a sense of awe and pride. What’s more, our sports memorabilia will retain its value, and will look sensational, whether you buy for your personal enjoyment, or you choose to display your items to the world. 

The sports memorabilia we have in stock covers rugby league, motor sport, cricket, rugby union, football, AFL, horse racing, netball, boxing, and more. With a true passion for sports, we recognise that all sportsmen and women are stars in their own right, and every major sporting event deserves a place in history. That’s why we stock such a varied range of collectable items from all sports.

All of our memorabilia is licensed and authorised, and since we deal directly with the licensees and athletes, you can be confident that any item you buy from us is 100 percent authentic. 

Because we stock so many items, we are not able to display everything on our website, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please let us know. If you are looking for a souvenir of a specific team, player or event but we don’t have it in stock, we will do all that we can to source if for you. Customer service is a priority to us, and we know how important getting the right piece of memorabilia is to you. 

Whatever your sport of choice, Champions are sure to have sports memorabilia you’ll love at our store in Brisbane. Call us on 07 3397 4331 to talk to us about specific sports memorabilia you’re looking for, or send us an email.

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